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Here is the url for myspace page...



My friend Gale has cancer in her pancreas.This past Friday I took her in and she had her surgery.They believe that they found it all.Since December I have had one friend die from liver cancer.One friend find out she has breast cancer.One of my friend's mom has breast cancer.Then one friend with cancer in her pancreas.

I a bit overwhelmed...I will try harder to keep things updated.Finding solace in my garden has helped.Also writing poetry and going out on the rare occasion that I am not working..

I am not complaining.I would wish to trade places with any of these people..


A boy who,after a storm,was throwing starfish back into the sea.An old man asked whether helping just a few of them mattered.The boy threw another into the water and said,"MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO THAT ONE."

Indeed..make a difference...

Also I am interested in starting the vampire roleplaying once again.If anyone has a site they have embraced please let me know.

I hope that everyone had a blessed Holiday..

Writer's Block: Looking Back

LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?


The newest addition to our family

Also I was in the hospital due to a minor heart problem..A T branch..all is better..just rest a bit more..

Aug. 23rd, 2009

I have been so busy with my family..Below is the end result of my hard work~laughs~My grandaughter was born 8-20-2009.She is beautiful and will be featured in a Nike Ad~laughs~

~Latest Happeings~

We went to 3 SeaFair parties.Watched the races at our friend's whom just returned from Greece.Then we went to yardsales in Terri's Hummer.Lots of great food and quality time spent with friends.It was a great weekend.

The picture below is of my grandaughters Aahanah and Elise and myself..


A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain?
Kahlil Gibran


~Please Read~

This is no way stating drug use is okay or not okay.I am only my own judge and jury.It has been found in the Seattle area that cocaine has been cut/laced with levamisole.People are getting seriously sick from this and it is not worth taking the risk.

This has happened in the 90's when heroin in the Seattle area was tainted and we lost a beautiful gifted musician far too soon.Also in early 2000 when X was being cut with rat poison.

Most people that visit my page are musicians and we are exposed to many different cultures and people whom do all sorts of things that are not healthy.

I wanted to post this to keep my brothers and sisters safe...

Be smart and be safe!